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Bring back the Original formula!

I am not thrilled with this new product. It seems the new 1000 mg has a stronger “Bengay” type smell and is only half the size of the Original Cool Relief.
It’s only 1.5 ounces where the original was 3 oz.
I really miss the Original Cool Relief in 500mg with the orange label. It was perfect and effective for everyone in my family. Please bring it back as an option!!

Great for everyday use

Helps with stress and chills you out.

CBD Tincture

Love this products results.... my personal preference is drops on the tongue, this product has a unique fairly strong zesty citrus taste when not diluted, I like it. Tho again, packaging is an issue, bottle is colored white, so cannot see content inside, screw top with dropper is difficult to use as it's not an easy open or close. The dropper is inconsistent and difficult to take an accurate dose. The $120 price point is is not cheap, however plenty of promo pricing I generally buy 2 with 40% promo code.

CBD capsules

Package is difficult to open, and appeared to get worse found squeezing base piece kinda worked. My 2nd pckg I removed all capsules and reused a simple pop top vitamin bottle. Pills are large, and more times than I cared would feel as if capsule was lodged in my esophagus. Original Hemp customer support was excellent and I agree with others reviews... product content is good, anti inflammatory ingredients are good/natural. I'd like to know why original Hemp orange relief was discontinued.? I personally felt that product was better than the red relief+ package was easy to open.

The gummies "Relief" were excellent for arthritic pain & helped me sleep

Will definitely be ordering again.

Loved the gummies

Wonderful travel sizes- The gummies are fantastic. Roll on was very soothing.
Will purchase again.

Relief in a bottle!

I have TMJ and degenerative disk disease. I struggle with chronic pain and muscle tightness daily. And then I tried the relief capsules and it has truly made a significant difference in my pain level! I take them every day! The company truly cares and wants to help people! Thank you!

Relief Kit

I love all of the products. Just a few comments. Wish you still had the cream. I felt it worked better than the roll on. The gummy’s are especially good. The only issue I have is I couldn’t open the container. The new packaging is too hard to open if you have issues. I am recovering from a broken arm and leg and had to get my husband to open the container for me. I purchased a container of relief pills a month ago and used to old bottle to keep the capsules in. The relief kit did its job with my pain.

Excellent product

Unable to open container without a hammer. Product is excellent! Helps with my anxiety and gives me energy at same time.
Not crazy about shipping. Took 6 days to get to me because shipper is closed on weekends

Love this!

I felt a difference right away. I am going through a stressful time and after a few days of taking this, my family noticed I was calmer and less anxious. Highly recommend.

Sleep Capsules | Full Spectrum CBD (750mg / 60ct

Aids in falling asleep faster

Stress tabs

I find the stress formulation to be quite effective in reducing mild anxiety.
I was saddened, however, that you are now packaging the product in plastic. And I need to use a tool of some sort to open it.

New formula

Do not like the smell of the new formula. The other one was better. This one smells like Bengay. But it does work well for my pain..

Waste of money

Does absolutely nothing for me

New formula relief capsules

The product works great, reliefs chronic pain. Also helps with stomach and bowl movements. The only thing I really dislike is the new package is a real pain to open

Awesome stuff but the jar sucks

Love the products but the containers are so damn hard to open

Taste great and works fast

I use 750mg pain relief capsules daily but when out and about, if I get back pain and need some extra pain support, I take the gummies also. Helps..!

Relief gummies

Well, I’m not real sure they are working!
Not feeling anything that they claimed!
Might have to build up something in my system for the relief to come…certainly not immediately effective!

Sanity, one drop at a time.

I was able to completely get off of antidepressants when I started using the 2000mg cbd. I use by drops 2x daily. 6 in the am and 10 in the pm. I had been on Rx antidepressants since 1992 and the side effects were becoming unmanageable. Thus with the support of my Dr., I was able to ween off of prescription Rx and figure out a dosage for the drops. The oils DON'T work for me, I need more of a "controlled release". I have tried other brands and Original HEMP, I have found, to be the best. In Oct 2020 I started an intense regiment of chemo infusions, 5mo of 5 different chemos. My Oncologist was on board with me staying on my daily dose & all other supplements were halted. I can't give enough praise for this company.

Original tincture

Since I start on this , I’ve had very little pain in my hands. There were days that they hurt so bad nothing would help. It is great. I couldn’t do with out it, as I have kidney problem and can not take other pain meds.

Definitely helps reduce stress

Love this company!!

Products are top notch and customer service is tremendous!!

Awesome Product

I discovered these at a Medical Arts Pharmacy in my town. I gave them to my husband and he said he slept like a baby
My husband previously had issues falling asleep, but not anymore

Works for me!

I have been using vanilla dream for two years. It is the only product that helped with my sleep issues. I tried several different “sleep products” This works for me!!


I do not like the new formula at all. I prefer the old formula.
I have to use a knife to open the container, and transfer the contents to another bottle.


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