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Best capsules ever! True Relief

Helped with all my back and knee pain. Truly a miracle

Calm relief

Having a bad day? Stress? Anxiety? These gummies are amazing. They taste great and just make you feel relaxed bit not over relaxed where your sleepy. Just a nice calm so you can chill and get through it all. I like to take them after dinner so I can calm down from my crazy day.

Wholeheartedly Satisfied

Wow, I am a very tenacious person n when I tell you that I am highly happy with OH's product you can put your Tincture on it. I love the cream rub n the variety of tinctures. I feel energized in renewed n relieved that I finally found a cbd product that actually gives me great results, n ordering it is hassle n grief free. Thanks OH!

Great product

After a broken clavicle, I had a really hard time falling asleep. This product did the trick for me, and I don’t feel groggy in the morning. This is a great product and a great value.

Love this stuff!

This stuff is pretty amazing! I suffer from chronic pain and this really helps me to keep functioning! And...I must say that the company's customer support is TOP NOTCH!!!! I had an issue with some products damaged during shipping...I sent an email to the company (with pictures of the damage) and they more than took care of me right away! I highly recommend both these products and the company!

What stress?

These are amazing! I take the stress pills occasionally. But if I Need immediate relief from stress I chew one and within a half hr stress gone.

Life Changing

I dont want to ever live another day without this medicine. It has changed my life! I feel better than I ever have. I've struggled with anxiety/depression my whole life. This works! I work in banking/retail and have to deal with the busy public. This medicine helps me cope with customers and work more efficiently. I am sharper, calmer, happier and energetic. Thank you so much for creating this product! It has drastically improved my quality of life!!!!

I use this product every night before bed. I have lupus and tried it for joint pain. Overall, I’m happy with my response to this product. I will continue to use.

Sleep Tablets

I have been using these to help with my sleep and I am so pleased with them. I have an easy, gentle time going off to sleep now and do not wake up in the night to "think" !!!
Thank you very much for such a good, safe product.

Perfect on the go

This kit is so perfect for camping, traveling or on the go. I used mine at home though. I absolutely love how the capsules are in a reusable travel case and easy to use. The capsules have helped me recently with my sprained ankle keeping the swelling and pain down. The roll on it also travel size and can fit in a makeup case or gym bag. It's easy to use and no mess on your hands. You just roll it on and feel that quick cooling relief.

Best anti-inflammatory

I recently recieved these capsules in the relief kit. Perfect timing I sprained my ankle bad and ended up in the er. Trying to compromise with the er doctor I said I use cbd he said no have prescriptions. We compromised on me taking something with tumeric. Perfect these relief capsules have tumeric and 25mg cbd. They have helped a ton with swelling and pain relief. Especially because I haven't done the rest, ice and elevation I know that the swelling decreased from taking these capsules throughout the day.


These are really good. I love the flavor and the boost isn't like caffeine you just feel uplifted in energy and mood. I didnt have any crash on these or feel tired later. It was a natural boost

This Really Works for Me!

I've been using the 500mg Fresh Berry Tincture for a couple of years for my significant osteoarthritis pain. I hold one syringe-full under my tongue before I get out of bed in the mornings. Within 15 minutes, I can feel the results and am able to ambulate without much joint/muscle pain. Somedays, I will need to use another 1.0mL in the afternoons. I tried going off of this product but found that it really does help in my inflammation reduction. I am very pleased. And the customer service is amazing. If you have any questions, just call and a real person will walk you through it.

Cool Relief Roll-On
Deborah Carney
Love this roll on!

I usually take the creams that are available for pain and mix in all the essential oils myself but this roll on already has them all! Love it. Works great on hip and shoulder pain.


After suffering for years I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome. Did some research decided to try Cbd oil. After about a week I noticed a dramatic difference in my pain levels and I wasn’t as fatigued. I still have to pace myself but starting to feel more like my old self.

This product aided in relief from joint pain and cancer for our dog. We are grateful.

Seems to work

The roll-on give almost instantaneous relief from joint/muscle pain. Not sure, just yet about the relief capsules.

Really works!

I was on a drug to sleep and needed to get off of it. Have been using this product for several months and I sleep through the night. I do not even hear loud thunder storms. Highly recommend it!

Perfect Boost

When I need an afternoon boost, the gummies are perfect! Not only for energy but clarity as well. I gave some to my friends while they were visiting, and now they are buying the gummies every month as well.

Very Happy With Results

The Tumeric and CBD capsules worked well for lasting relief, but I am most impressed with how well the roll on ointment worked for instant relief for my sore muscles and tendons after exercise. Great Products!

I was told about this product and how well it worked so I thought I would give it a try , well it works very well for me definitely will keep buying

Great relief for issues related to herniated discs in my neck!

Topical Soothing Cream
Christopher Morris
CBD cream has worked well for me

CBD cream has reduced the inflammation and pain in my knee from a torn meniscus and arthritis. My range of motion has improved considerably. It hasn't cured the problem, but it has allowed me to play golf and tennis without discomfort...and ward of knee replacement surgery. I understand CBD cream doesn't work for everyone, but its worth trying on any aching joints.


This is the perfect alternative to the oil based tinctures where you need to take them sublingually. I can't hold those in my mouth long enough. This water soluble is the answer to those issues.

Water Saluable Tincture 250 mg review

I like this product a lot and it does work for me. I have been using Original Hemp for 6 months and I must say I am in heaven. The anxiety and night panic attacks are gone. I feel less stressed and calmer. I have tried several flavors. I have tried the Berry Flavor 1000 mg and I think once I run out of the Water Saluable one, I will purchase the Berry flavor oil one. It for me is soothing. But this doesn't mean I don't like the Water Saluable one. The Berry is my favorite and I love all the great deals that are always offered.