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The CBD Sleep Formula

The sleep formula works in a gentle way to prepare you to sleep

Hemp CBD* Stress Gummies 250mg
Carol St.Amand Romer

Great for taking the edge off from the day, allowing for gentle sound sleep. I wake up refreshed!

It works!!

Just at a half dropper full I felt relief.

Works well

Works really well, however the after taste is not the greatest. Will order again.

Best thing ever

This has been absolutely life changing. Since I started taking this, I have had so much energy, less stress, and an overall better outlook on life. Libido has also increased, which is amazing! I was previously taking prescription anti anxiety medications, however, I could not tolerate the side effects (which I had all of them which were listed, including chronic uti's). I am so glad to have found this CBD supplement. Thank you so much!


I use this for my daughter with special needs. She Picks at her skin a lot (it’s a tick). This stuff has really helped with that and helps with focus. I have been using this for about 6 months.

Fantastic Tincture!

Both my wife and I now use the Original hemp Tincture, I the berry my wife the vanilla! Great product at a great price! Thanks!

Great Tincture

Both my wife and I now use the Original hemp Tincture, I the berry my wife the vanilla! Great product at a great price! Thanks!

Cool Relief Roll-On
Judith Lott

Great product

Best in the business

NO and I mean NO other cbd oil has helped me the way original hemp has. Idk what your secret is but please keep doing what you’re doing. Your cbd oil has changed my life and has completely calmed my anxiety. Thank you guys I will continue buying.

2000 natural CBD

I’ve been using this for a few months now and I see additional healing of old scars that have lightened and better sleep

Cool Relief Roll-On
Elizabeth Fogg
Works instantly!

I love this roll-on because in addition to the CBD it has so many amazing essential oils. I feel relief instantly when I use it and I love to use it on my lymph nodes to keep them from swelling up.

Perfect for on the go!

I love to keep the packets in my purse for when I'm out and about or pack them for camping or when I road trip.

Perfect for on the go!

This was a great way to try out the different flavors of tinctures so that you can choose your favorite. I love to keep the packets in my purse for when I'm out and about. They are also great for camping or travel.

7 Day Relief Trial Kit
Elizabeth Fogg
So easy to use!

This is a great way to try out the products before buying the full sizes of each. I keep the roll-on in my purse because it's the perfect size and great to use on the go. The pill holder helps to keep you on track for trying out the relief capsules.

Good for pain management

I have been giving this along with an anti-inflammatory to a 14 yr old dog who has arthritis. Within 2 days I could see a difference and by the 2 week mark he was back to walking & running normally. This is a good choice for dogs because it doesn’t contain any flavorings or mint oils which can be detrimental to dogs.

Original hemp

Great product! Very easy transaction 😊

Possibly helps with migraines.

A friend gave me a vial of the Original Hemp 2000 mg tincture a couple of years ago. I get a lot of migraines, most not severe, due to low estrogen levels post menopause. I started taking the CBD tincture at the first sign of migraine aura/scintillating scotoma. It seems that it helps, I generally will only have mild symptoms when I use the CBD.

I should mention that I usually get severe migraines once or twice a year, the CBD doesn't help with those, but nothing else does either.

Anyway, my first bottle is almost empty, so I ordered a second.

Cool Relief Roll-On
Daron Overman
Roll on

Great product if I could get it to come out while rolling it on ..

Works well, but the taste?

Definitely has helped my sleep, using two droppers of the 1000mg tincture...but it tastes like a dead raccoon's butt was wiped with a vanilla bean.

Stress Capsules

Stress Capsules work great for the stress of teaching every day!

Works great!

I use this for achy joints and inflamation. It works fast. In addition, the company ships products fast. That is an added bonus. Another member of my family uses the same brand for anxiety with great success.

I was introduced to this company by a friend. Truth is I don't really use it. I know alot of people in pain, from cancer to stroke recovery, to everyday backaches. They are all grateful to get relief that comes from this product. I am an undercover promoter of this product because it works,and it is a promoter of healthy ingredients. My friends thank you.

Best CBD out there!

I have tried several brands of CBD without much effect. Then I happened upon The Original Hemp brand and quickly found that the Stress capsules are by far the best stress caps out there. I have a high stress job and am a naturally anxious person. These Stress caps really help keep me level headed and calm to the point of lowering my anxiety medication. I also want to commend the Customer Service Team - I thought I set up an auto-ship but found out it did not go through two months later. I called Customer Service and they helped me set it up correctly and now I get my Capsules every other month like clockwork. Fantastic Company!!