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missing package/shipping issue

I recently tried Original Hemp Relief Capsules (750mg) Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and had excellent results. My purchase was at a local CBD shop and paid full retail $69.99.... I did bit of research online and original hemp really hits the mark for me across the board. I received a 40% off promo code and ordered 8 bottles... I love the product/results, however my shipment has yet to arrive and UPS waa sketchy on delivery info... Original Hemp has replied to my emails and is in process of tracking down an answer. So far Original Hemp customer service has been responsive and pursuing a resolution.

Original Hemp Rasberry Tincture

I'm grateful for this product helps with arthritis pain

this really works

My son introduced me to this about one year ago with a sample pack. I took it one night and thought, hummmm, woke up feeling very well rested. Then, a few months ago, after experiencing chronic insomnia due to, well, EVERYTHING, I remembered this product. I bought my first bottle, took 2 capsules before bed and I SLEPT. Personally, I was always able to fall asleep, it was the waking up in the middle of the night and not being about to fall BACK to sleep that tortured me. These capsules somehow fix that and I am always able to get back to sleep after a nightly wakeup. Its just so exhilarating to wake up in the morning to see the sun already up and feel so well rested.

Works well...easy to dose

CBD works very well and the individual packets are great for traveling and dispensing on the go.

Many problem solvers!

Vanilla Dream is not my favorite flavor but that’s an opinion. I love the fact that it helps relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, upset stomachs, etc for my family.

Great product

Easy to use. Last several hours. No smell. Drys quickly


I love this relief Hemp, it helps relieve my stress in my leg and foot and also helps Me,sleep 5 stars for this Hemp..

Different Experience

I tried the Water Soluble Tinture and it wasn't for me, but my wife tried it and loves it. Now it's the only one she'll have me get for her. She loves the taste and says it not only eases her pain it also helps her sleep throughout the night.

Works very well

I originally found this company for the sleep capsules (which are great!) I tried these for my chronic pain and they work very well! I highly recommend.

Best I have taken!

I use this daily for pcos and ptsd ! I got this from a local shop and I decided to subscribe! The calming benefits and also inflammation reducing effects are perfect for what I’m needing alongside other herbal remedies! I highly recommend this one !

Search for the best CBD

I am on a search for the best topical CBD. I must have an applicator of some kind since I invariably touch my hand to my mouth or my eyes after applying the stuff which usually has some sort of wintergreen or other things that aren’t good for mouth and eyes. The “old school” deodorant ball applicator fills the bill. I’m not sure whether it’s me or the product but it doesn’t always seem to dispense properly and I seem to spend a lot of time rolling around the part of my body where I want to apply the product. Other than that, it fills the bill and works quite well perhaps because it’s a 2000 mg product?
I have recommended this to family and friends.

Great Set for Pain Relief

I have arthritis pain in my hands and this kit really helped. Between the capsules and the roll-on topical gel, it was like night and day.

Sleep enhancement

These products are useful for Sleep enhancement and pain relief. Thank You, original hemp!

Works good for everyday aches. Roll on is good after a hard day at work.


I thought is was a good product. I love the roll on.


I have some relief which helps me sleep better at night.

Big Difference

I can feel the difference. I enjoy the fruit flavors. I don't like the natural flavor at all so I mix it with a shot of pineapple juice and it's ok.

Fresh Berry Tincture

I Get this for my sister who has polymialgia. This truly helps her a great deal being able to have a somewhat normal life.

Able to receive relief

Had back surgery 16 months ago. Back much better but muscles tend to tighten up and pain goes down my leg. Using this roll on helps loosen my muscles and I am able to continue with my life.

Sleep Matters

These capsules are incredible. I sleep like a rock 99% of the time and without them it's a roll of the dice. Cannot take that chance with something so important. Our sleep is health, mental functioning and also attitude. Thank goodness there are answers that aren't addictive drugs.


The last few years I have trouble sleeping. I tried O-T-C Melatonin, but that left me with a fog like feeling in the mornings.
This product helps me sleep, waking up with a clear head.
Thank you!

Tried the samples

I tried the samples as an emergency for those days when there’s more pain than most days. It definitely helps and I felt like the tincture got in my system faster than the capsules. It taste good too!! Doesn’t leave a nasty film in your mouth like others have. I’m Currently Adding this to my monthly subscription !!

Does wonders for my Bursitis in my hip!!

I had been suffering for a long time with pain In my hip. I was already using the capsules and I decided to give the topical cream a try and I’m so happy I did and it works great!! I take it with me everywhere, leaves my skin smooth and doesn’t upset my dermatitis too!!

I’ve always had trouble sleeping

It’s always been a mix of pain and not being able to stay asleep. Since I was already taking the relief during the day, I figured it can’t hurt to try the sleep capsules and I’m so happy I tried them. I can’t sleep (comfortably) without them!!

Works great for my Fibromyalgia!!

I first found this product in my local pet store!! I tried it and within 2 days I noticed a big difference in the drop of my pain level!! I recommend to everyone I know!!