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I like product but customer service is horrible

No one answered 4 different times I contacted company
Nada like no one works there anymore

It’s ok but…..

The old formula was much better.

Wrong Item Sent with No Response from Customer Service

We ordered the Relief capsules a couple weeks ago but were sent the Sleep capsules. I’ve contacted customer support twice, and they have not responded. We’re very disappointed since these capsules are not cheap and we were hoping to actually use the Relief capsules for pain.

Pain relief for arthritic neck

Relief capsules are the most effective remedy my husband has yet found for the painful arthritis in his neck, and he really appreciates that there are no unpleasant side effects, even when taken daily for a year now. Highly recommended!

Help with restless leg syndrome

I love the relief capsules. I find it is the only thing that gets me to sleep at night and helps me go back to sleep when I get up to use the bathroom. I just wish they would not come in that square plastic bottle . I have arthritic hands and have a hard time opening it.

It works well

I sleep well but I think I like the old formula a little better

Good Night’s Sleep

Only con: terrible packaging - Very difficult to open. Formulation of pills work well!

Excellent benefits

Starting taking in April 2023 for chronic pain and inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis. I am not taking any prescription meds for my RA and have very little pain. It has also taken away my chronic back/hip pain caused from degenerative disc disease and herniated disc. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from pain.


Hard to open but the pills work!

Works Great

With one tablet, it works great. Totally relaxing. I take it an hour before bedtime.

Two tabs can make me have a bit of a hangover feeling. So no need to do that, because one is perfect.

Great product, slow shipping

Live the capsules but it seems like every time I order these, two weeks go by before they are shipped. This time, I had to ask when they are planning on shipping and they immediately shipped after I emailed them making me believe they forgot to ship this order.

More effective than my prescription

The wonderful product cuts through my anxiety. But agree with others — the packaging is awful. I had to transfer capsules to another bottle. Would be nice if OH considered sustainable packaging.

I Sleep better with it

The new Sleep formula helps me fall asleep, its usually that reliable push into dreamland... I'm a tough case when it comes to sleep, and have worked with a Neurologist for decades. In my case I use a second dose to get back to sleep at 4am. Hopefully more Hemp/Marijuana based meds for sleep will be available soon.

Relief Roll-on | Advanced CBD Therapy (0.5oz./333 mg)
Fred Elwell

This would be a lot better if it were in a larger roll-on bottle I have to buy four bottles to get me through a month when in the old bottles one would do it are you going to get larger bottles?

Great Product

Great product! I’ve been using my CBD capsules along with my Medical THC with good pain management for several years. The new packaging is absolutely awful! I have arthritis in both of my hands; I always need my husband’s help to open!

Find this very helpful

I have trouble falling and staying asleep. This item seems to be really helping me. I appreciate the mushrooms in the formula. For me, mushrooms seem to be beneficial.

Does not help.

There aren't the requisite chemical properties in their formulary to affect sleep in my case, so I am unable to recommend this product as of this writing.

Love the product hate the packaging

The Relief pills are a must have. They're awesome. The packaging makes zero sense. The plastic bottle has to be squeezed HARD to open. Relief pills are for those of us with pain/inflammation, like arthritis in our hands! I can barely get the damn bottle open and then have to leave it open so I don't have to fight it daily. It was so disappointing when Original Hemp changed the much more environmentally friendly glass bottles for the crappy hard to open plastic ones. Wish they'd go back...


Only thing that has helped with my chronic pain. I love it!

Relief Roll-On | Advanced CBD Therapy (2 oz./1000 mg)
hemp roll on

I recently bought this roll on due to the old cream they had is discontinued .this roll on is ok does better on muscle pain than joint but not as good as the cream.

Relief Roll-On | Advanced CBD Therapy (2 oz./1000 mg)

(These remarks are in the hands of the company; I sent them for feedback purposes). Hi, I used one of these little 'Roll-on topical pain relievers' tonight. I seek to provide you with feedback on your marketing efforts. First, the font on the bottle instantly locked my eyes onto it; as a child, I often sneaked Dad's Old Spice After Shave lotion with that identical font (old man was fine w/ it!). Your packaging and printing fooled me, I really thought Old Spice had come out w/ a new ingenious product. The bottle itself is a problem since I always seem to keep it around me close by so I can squeeze the bottle's rubber coating with my fingers. I rolled the Original hemp onto my left hand and wrist, the joints are hurting. I am pleased to report that I received a let-up in pain in the left hand while the right hand was still hurting. I haven't yet shopped your site, but I trust I can purchase Original hemp in a larger volume. Very impressed!


I have been using the prior generation of sleep CBD by Original. I was sad that it was discontinued but I tried the new one with mushrooms. Loved it. My friend with MS has trouble sleeping so she tried mine when I visited. She loves it and also knows the value of mushrooms and cancer prevention.

Original Relief | 4 Piece System
Much needed relief where you need it.

When picking up my prescription from my local independent pharmacist (pain medication) my pharmacist introduced me to the "ORIGINAL HEMP"
Relief+ Roll-On. He recommended this product and told me it will probably allow you to reduce the amount of medication you take to mask your
pain. I've been hearing a lot of pro's about hemp oil so I decided to give it a shot. It wasn't cheap at $69.00 for the 2oz. 1000 mg topical, but I'm
at the point that if it can reduce my pain, I will give it a try. This roll-on although not the miracle product of the year was able to reduce my effective
pain, making it a winner in my book. I now am giving the entire product line a try, as the roll-on gives me a few hours of relief from my pain. I
recommend this product to anyone who suffers from back or neck pain, especially with the discount you can get on line.

Sleep better with no side effects

I am sleeping better since taking original hemp and have no side effects which is nice!

Not as good as original. Waiting for that to be available. Wouldn't recommend this.


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