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Best tasting oil I have had.

Works great and has a delicate flavor.


I love these and use them daily. Especially the day following a tough exercise. Helps with soreness and fatigue.


I have to say I was for sure skeptical but I have been using these for about 3 weeks now and I just can't believe how I feel. Coming from being an athlete my whole life I just have aches in all areas. I am 100% believer!

A Nice Hand Cream

I bought this for my wife and she uses it for her hands.It seems to work well for softening her skin but it doesn't help much with her pain.We will give it some time and see how it does.

Couldn't be happier

I adore this product -- I have constant muscle pain in my shoulders and back, and this gives me relief when it starts to get to be too much for me. It's super easy to apply by yourself, and it dries quickly so I don't have to worry about getting mentholated goo all over my clothes and hair (which was always an issue with other muscle relief products for me).

Also, a note about customer service here: When I received this in the mail, it had exploded and I lost about half the product. I contacted customer service (which was very quick and easy) and they had a replacement package shipped to me the next day -- in super cute Valentines day packaging, including a ton of free samples to make up for the issue. I've always liked this company, but this particular experience has made me even more loyal to them.

Perfect product, with a little bit of work

I have issues with anxiety, and I'm not a fan of tinctures, so the Stress gummies are my new favorite thing. I take two at a time (the dosage that works *for me*) and they act quickly and give me an overall general sense of ease to help stop my constant feelings of anxiousness. I also enjoy the tin -- yes, I agree with others that said that the slide-top could be reworked, but I do love the idea of something stable that I can slip into my purse and take with me.

I took one star off for taste -- the Energy gummies taste great, but these have a very strong taste to me -- it's like chewing on the plant with a hint of berry flavor thrown in. A little more work there and these would be perfect!

This product helps with pain from arthritis but not totally. I sleep better at night.

Love them!

I love these just wished they where in a bigger size!

Great Product!

I've been taking this product for several weeks. It is providing a great deal of relief from pain from arthritis and bone spurs in my hip. My active life is improving!

Great product

Works well for sleep issues.

Can not tell much benefit from the product

Soothing Cream

I purchased this cream for my sister who suffers from Polymyalgia and is in constant pain. She has used it three times and has seen a an improvement in lessening her pain. She also loves it as it has no odor.

Best CBD I’ve tried yet

This was the first product I’ve tried that had almost instantaneous effects. I usually take it 30-60 before bed, and love the calming nature and sense of well-being this delivers. I’m a life long customer!

Cool Relief

Right index finger, the last joint is worn out from lifting for 73 years. Noticed relief within 3 weeks & have used it twice daily for a year now!


Has really helped to deepen my sleep, feel more rested in am!


Has really help with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue!

Works like a Dream!

I have used this for a few months to help with sleep and anxiety. I have been falling asleep easier (which has never really been easy for me) and staying asleep longer. I take a smaller dose during the day if I feel anxiety coming on and it helps to keep it at bay. It gives me an overall calm relaxed feeling that helps me to get back to the day. I enjoy the hint of vanilla flavor and have been using the 1000mg strength. I have signed up for the monthly shipments and am so happy that I did. I don't have to remember to get it ordered and can adjust the shipment date if needed, and the savings are an added bonus.

Works Great

Really helps my daily aches and pains from RA and fibromyalgia. Side benefits are a sharpened focus and calmness.

Game changer

I recently became a father to a lovely little girl and as other parents know there is an adjusting to having a child that will get fussy or just cry non-stop. I'm a fairly patient and easy going person but she can make it very difficult to keep cool and relax. after working all day I come home and like to give my wife a break. these gummies have saved me from breaking down multiple times. just pop one or two if need be and within the hour you can just brush those cries off and take care of your precious little baby. even gave some to my neighbor whom tweaked his back to help with his inflammation and he asked for more a few days later. had to re-up a few times but these are awesome.

Can't Say enough!

I am a graduate student and a teacher who suffers from moderate-severe anxiety and depression. I've never been interested in taking medication and when my partner bought these capsules for herself, I gave them a try. The calm and relief I felt, all day long, was immeasurable! I immediately ordered two bottles. This company is also amazing, offering student and teacher discounts of 20% off (as well as many other discounts). Shipping was immediate, even during Covid, and the company threw in many samples including two energy gummies, two stress gummies, and multiple packets of a hemp-infused cream. I am a dancer by profession, so I will definitely make use of the topical cream and will most likely buy that with my next purchase of capsules. I am so thankful to find a product that is vegan, all natural, and that actually works! Thank you, Original Hemp.


Had terrible sciatic pain in right leg and low energy, ( age 73 male ) pain began to decrease, with in 2 weeks, mostly gone afterm 2 months, energy energy up for last 6 months.

these work for me

glad to have found these--they do help me sleep

these have a strong aftertaste

over 2 dollars per gummie I will not repurchase sliding top of tin is inconvenient i gained nothing from these


Love this product. Works great and glad to have found it. Would recommend it!