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Is works wonderful

Great product. I feel really good. I have been calm and relaxed.

Sleep caps

Really help me go to sleep and stay asleep! No hang over feeling in am!

They work

These work and do not leave you groggy in the morning. I have used both the original formula and this revised formula. Agree with the melatonin add mentioned in another review.

Not as effective as the original sleep

I always hate to write a negative review as what does not work for me may work for another, but I cannot give this product a total thumbs-up on its effectiveness. I have used the original product for years and loved it. I think that the fact that there is no melatonin in the new formula makes it less effective for me. That being said, I have started adding a half tablet of melatonin with the new Sleep Formula. This seems to make my sleep is more restful than with the original. I will stay with this routine and see how this works going forward.

Excellent product

I like this product a lot. I use it in my breakfast drinks, coffee , shake ect. Seems to help get the morning started in balance.
Will purchase again.

Excellent product !

The product helps with my sleep,it also does not taste too bad!

Original Hemp Relief

Definitely helps with chronic pain!

Works great

I’ve used their products for years now and this is as good as their others. I’m finding I like the vanilla dream better but that’s a personal choice. I wish they still offered individual viles still and gave some samples with purchases. They were great to keep on hand & to give as samples to family & friends who were interested in trying it out.


Really helps with the day to day issues of life!
Still hard to open container!

Original Hemp Relief

Relieves pain and soreness quite well, I use half recommended dosage when I need it, container was a challenge initially but no problem once you look closely and see the press indicator.

Great products, service and web site.

Excellent product, a half dose per day is all I need on occasion to calm my mild anxiety and or sad moments. They new packaging was an annoyance at first but after examining the container closer I figured it out. very satisfied with Original Hemp products

This is absolutely the most effectively medication I have ever used for anything!

I really liked the roll on and gummie

I used the roll on and gummies for shoulder pain related to a fall. Working great


Gummies taste really good. I take one before bed with one Relief capsule. Sometimes I take two gummies and two Relief capsules. They do work for pain and insomnia. You'll have to adjust your dosage, increase it until it works for you. I gave one to my mother who is 70 and it was too strong so she cuts one in half. As with anything you just have to adjust your dosage until it works. I've added extra Turmeric supplements for additional pain relief during the day as well.

Love the product but HATE the shipping

I placed this order on 12/01. It’s 12/06 and I still haven’t received my order. I order other supplements from the same area and receive them in 3-4 days using standard shipping. I love the product!
Packaging needs to be made easier to open too. Product is fantastic. Provides energy while helping with anxiety

Not as good as the old stress gummies

I liked the old ones SO much better. But all around I appreciate original hemp products.

Great for everyday use

Helps with stress and chills you out.

CBD Tincture

Love this products results.... my personal preference is drops on the tongue, this product has a unique fairly strong zesty citrus taste when not diluted, I like it. Tho again, packaging is an issue, bottle is colored white, so cannot see content inside, screw top with dropper is difficult to use as it's not an easy open or close. The dropper is inconsistent and difficult to take an accurate dose. The $120 price point is is not cheap, however plenty of promo pricing I generally buy 2 with 40% promo code.

CBD capsules

Package is difficult to open, and appeared to get worse found squeezing base piece kinda worked. My 2nd pckg I removed all capsules and reused a simple pop top vitamin bottle. Pills are large, and more times than I cared would feel as if capsule was lodged in my esophagus. Original Hemp customer support was excellent and I agree with others reviews... product content is good, anti inflammatory ingredients are good/natural. I'd like to know why original Hemp orange relief was discontinued.? I personally felt that product was better than the red relief+ package was easy to open.

The gummies "Relief" were excellent for arthritic pain & helped me sleep

Will definitely be ordering again.

Loved the gummies

Wonderful travel sizes- The gummies are fantastic. Roll on was very soothing.
Will purchase again.

Relief in a bottle!

I have TMJ and degenerative disk disease. I struggle with chronic pain and muscle tightness daily. And then I tried the relief capsules and it has truly made a significant difference in my pain level! I take them every day! The company truly cares and wants to help people! Thank you!

Relief Kit

I love all of the products. Just a few comments. Wish you still had the cream. I felt it worked better than the roll on. The gummy’s are especially good. The only issue I have is I couldn’t open the container. The new packaging is too hard to open if you have issues. I am recovering from a broken arm and leg and had to get my husband to open the container for me. I purchased a container of relief pills a month ago and used to old bottle to keep the capsules in. The relief kit did its job with my pain.


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