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I find a lot of relief in this product. My husband had to open it and I keep it open as it is IMPOSSIBLE to open.

Love the product! I've been using it for my chronic pain for several years. The new packaging is really terrible and extremely difficult to open with arthritic hands.

Great product

Love the product, not a fan of new packaging

Super happy

I purchased for my mother. She is super happy with her product. Thank you so much! It helps her in so many ways!

Amazing little gummies

I rarely write reviews but I liked these so much I actually got a subscription. I picked my first pack up in a random cbd shop and until then my sisters were begging me to get on anxiety medication. Im the type of person who over thinks, is always moving/doing and as a result I get really overwhelmed sometimes. I use these regularly and it helps so much! I dont think I could remember what it actually felt like to sit down and “relax” before these. Definitely recommend.

Has worked for me for several years.

Has worked for me for years

Original hand roll on

Not strong enough you advertise that you were coming out with a new 5000 role on I haven't seen it is that something that's going to happen or is that something that's just a figment

Great Relaxing , Stress reduce and mellow outcomes

Helps with my anxiety, racing thoughts and my depression and helps sleep as well

Taste is really great!

I have been using the stress gummies from Original Hemp and tried these have I do have body pain issues. They tasted so good and really felt like it took some of the discomfort away with taking 2 of them. Would highly recommend for during the day.

Unfortunate end to my subscription

Subscribed to this product for a few years. Just cancelled my subscription. Neither my husband or I could open the horrible new container. Very frustrated with the lack of thought put into the design. I had to destroy the container and place the pills into a Rubbermaid container. Cancelled the same day.

Can’t open new packaging!

The new plastic square container is cute but I cannot open it. My husband opened it for me and now I leave the top loose sitting in my cabinet. I have Lupus and arthritic hand issues so a no for me! Still appreciate the comfort and help received from taking this supplement.

The bottle

The product works but the container is very hard to get open..if you keep using this type of container, I will look elsewhere for cbd.

My go to brand of CBD

I’ve been using this CBD for over a year for back pain. I take a full dropper full at night. I sleep good and my pain is minimal. Great stuff!!

Works great for dogs!

Give this to my 2 1/2 yr old pitbull that had very bad anxiety. No more destroying everything he can get in his mouth.

It is a God send

I have been getting the Original Hemp Stress Formula for my 93-year old dad and 92-year old mom!
My mom has mild dementia, and the Stress formula has helped her anxiety 100% better than any prescription medication she was given.
My dad also benefits from the Stress formula in two ways, 1. It helps with his anxiety, and 2. It helps with his wife's anxiety which in turn helps him!
My dad is also a military veteran, and Original Hemp's Military Discount is amazing, wonderful, and so appreciated!
Thank you, Original Hemp, for making everyone's lives a little less stressful.

Need quick pick me upper.

This product helps you relax and be present in the moment. If you have a crazy day and need a stress reliever for and event or going out. The gummies are there and you feel good.

Fast and affective

I use this product daily for pain.
Smooth after taste and can be used in any product. I use it in my coffee in the morning.

This product works

I've been taking 250 berry tincture for over a year now.The dosage of 50 ml once in the am works great to reduce joint pain and inflammation. i forgot to take it one week while on a course of antibiotics for an infection.By the 7th day I remembered because I was stiff and achy ugh! The berry tastes fresh and clean.Customer service is fast,easy to use.Price fits my budget and automatic shipments work for me. The hemp cream was the best I ever used for muscles aches .I am sorry it has been discontiued.


These are the best CBD products I have tried. I suffer from occasional aches, pains and anxiety. I also hold a full time job and don't like to take anything while I'm working. These are products that I can take and not be concerned about my performance. They relieve any discomfort I experience without interfering with my day. If anything, they've enhanced my quality of life. The gummies are also delicious and the perfect consistency. I'm so glad I discovered Original.

Am happy with your product

Was sent to wrong address and was lucky to retrieve it and it was a was over a week late and I paid extra for overnight delivery so I would like my my money back for delivery cost

Only works the first night

The pills worked like a dream (no pun intended) the first night I took them. Unfortunately, they did not work again for me, and I won’t reorder them.

Happy pills

Any negative thoughts go away.
Energy improves and calm comes over you.
You feel like you ready to take on any challenges the day may throw at you. Do it with a smile.

The container is very very hard to open every morning..otherwise I like the product.