Terpenes are fragrant oils found in hemp and other plants. They bind to receptors in the human body and carry a variety of health benefits.*

• Linalool -is a naturally occurring terpene and has often been used in aromatherapy since ancient times for its beneficial health properties.  The scent of linalool has been shown to promote feelings of calm and well-being. 


• Humulene -is a natural terpene abundant in hops, sage, ginger and ginseng. Humulene has also been used for centuries in Chinese medicine due to its potential benefits to soothe inflammation.  



• Myrcene -is a natural terpene found in essential oils sourced from a multitude of plants. Research into essential oils like Myrcene show it can offer a wide array of benefits including support for the body’s pain and inflammatory response.   

• Limonene - is a terpene found in the peels of citrus fruits and in other plants. Studies show that d-limonene exerts a measurable anti-stress actions on the body and specifically, the nervous system. In addition, Limonene may also have mood-elevating effects.    

• Beta-Pinene - is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, also is found in rosemary, pine trees, and coniferous trees and is known for its woody-green pine-like scent. It has been shown to have health benefits, especially when combined with cannabinoids and other ingredients that influence brain chemistry.  

• Beta-Caryophyllene - is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, also found in cloves, hops, and rosemary known for its spicy, black pepper scent. Beta-caryophyllene has been shown to help the body’s inflammatory response process. 


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