Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

We’ve all had times where sleep has eluded us… Sometimes this is a temporary situation brought on by stress factors like work, school or other outside worries that you just can’t seem to shut out. In other cases, insomnia can be attributed to a chronic condition due to medical factors, severe anxiety, and even certain medications.

Before considering over the counter (OTC) or even prescription (Rx) drugs, there are a few things you can start with to better help prepare both your body and your mind for sleep. Natural supplements, such as CBD, are also a great way to enhance your sleep “experience” – by promoting a restful mind, helping you get to a deeper sleep, and aiding in falling and staying asleep.


1. Promote a restful environment in your bedroom

Create a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom that helps “set the stage” for sleeping. Often this means having a room that is well-shaded, cool and quiet. Reduce excessive blue light as well – such as watching TV, or engaging on your phone, tablet or computer – as both the light and the activity can trick your body into thinking it’s time to be awake instead of time to go to sleep.

2. Have a bedtime ritual

Having a comforting ritual before bed can help you unwind and relax, and send signals to your body and mind to get ready for sleep. A bedtime ritual can include taking a bath, drinking a warm beverage before bed, breathing exercises or meditation, and listening to calming music. Try adding a soothing CBD tincture to your herbal tea, hot chocolate, or warm milk to enhance this ritual – for example a Vanilla Dream CBD tincture can provide some extra comfort with its wonderful vanilla aroma.

Suggested regimen: Add your personal CBD tincture dose to your favorite warm beverage and enjoy the moment.


3. Get on a sleep schedule

Going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time every day reinforces your circadian rhythm: the natural time-keeping clock your body employs. Keeping a set sleep schedule will help train your body to start powering down in advance of going to sleep, and aid in long-term sleep quality.


4. Supplement naturally

With plant-based and doctor-formulated Sleep Capsules you can naturally help your body get in the right state for a great night’s sleep without having to reach for narcotic sleep aids. By pairing the highest quality whole plant CBD extract with clinically studied ingredients such as Melatonin and PharmaGABA, you can finally get the rest you deserve. Regular intake will help build up your system, so you can find sleep faster and better every time!


Suggested regimen: Every evening, take 2 capsules of Original Hemp Sleep Capsules before bedtime.

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